Sunday, September 25, 2011

Anniversary Cupcakes

I have a great group of friends from my old neighborhood.  It really is amazing that we all moved in so close to each other at the same time and became such good friends.  Ten years, four marriages and six kids later we decided to have a party to celebrate!  I made cupcakes for the occasion.  I frosted all of the cupcakes with buttercream and then applied fondant in different designs.  I used homemade Marshmallow Fondant.   For the adults I put a "10" on the cupcakes to commemorate the anniversary, for the girls I did cute pink piggies and for the boys brown sheep.  I got the idea from Joanna Farrow's book Cupcakes.  They were cute, but the sheep look a little weird I think!  Next time I need to work on those and possibly some other animals.  Maybe for one of my kids birthdays I will have a barn party and make the cupcakes - or maybe order from Publix :).  Just kidding - I am almost ready to vow to never buy a cake again - almost!  Here are some pictures:

I bought cupcake liners on-line that keep their color better after being baked.  Can you tell - the blue color of the liner still looks pretty good.  You have to look for cupcake liners that say "grease-proof".


  1. I just found your blog tonight and I love it! You have amazing ideas!!

  2. Hi Elizabeth, Thanks! I really get inspiration from all the great blogs and books out there. I love to recreate!


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