Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hudson's Birthday Snake Cake!

My friend's son, Hudson, wanted a snake cake for his birthday.  His request?  That it be blue and orange and the insides be red like blood.  Sounds fun!  Although I was a little nervous.  I bake for myself and family but never for anyone else.  This is so important - HUDSON'S BIRTHDAY CAKE.  Take a deep breath!!!

I started by baking two vanilla bundt cakes.  I used a whole bottle of red gel food coloring and the cakes still weren't as red as I would have liked.  But red enough, next time I will get more food coloring!  I used a cake tester to make sure the cakes were done.  When the tester comes out clean the cake is done.

Then I  cut the cake into halfs and carved out the snake head and tail using a serrated knife.

I frosted the snake in buttercream frosting.  I "glued" the pieces of snake together with buttercream and also put buttercream on the bottom of the snake so he would stick to the cake board.  I wanted to make sure he didn't move! 

I used a tip #10 to pipe dots all over the snake.  Once the buttercream hardened I used my finger to smooth the dots and give it a more scale like look.  Two yellow M&Ms for the eyes.  I used an Americolor edible pen to draw in pupils.  His tongue was a piece of red licorice carved by my husband!  Our snake made it to the party in once piece and I think he was a big hit!

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  1. Wow! That snake cake is really cool! I wish I would have had an idea like that to make when my son was little. Great colors too!

  2. Such an awesome cake! Very creative. I'm glad you left me a comment...because now I've found your blog. :)

  3. This is wonderful! Hudson must have been so excited and impressed when he saw this cake. You were so smart to use bundt cakes and your decorating ideas to make the scales and the eye were great. Love the snake tongue your husband carved. What an awesome birthday cake.

  4. Sue, Mrs Foxs Sweets, Dorothy and Paula - Thank you for your comments. I love to get comments and see that you enjoyed my post. Thanks so much. I enjoy all of your blogs and am really enjoying finding all of your blogs!

  5. Oh my word that is such a cute idea!!

  6. Oh my goodness, this is amazing!! Love it!!

    Thanks for dropping by Happy Hour Projects and leaving a nice comment on my Oreo Pops. I am terrible in the kitchen, so it makes my day when anyone compliments me - doubly so when it's one of you foodie mamas!

    Loving your blog and following you now!


  7. Thanks Adrianne! You should give yourself a little more credit those oreo pops looked great! Glad you stopped by - love your blog :)

  8. This must be tasty! Thanks for sharing these fantastic photos too...

  9. It really brings out the flavor, it’s a perfect holiday treat. I can't wait to be back to cooking again!



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