Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Blue Flower Cake

Everyone keeps asking me why?  Why did you make this cake?  What is the occasion?  Well my answer dissapoints!  There is no reason why, no occasion.  I just really wanted to try my hand at a tiered cake - something I have never done before.  So I decided to make a two tier fondant cake with fondant decorations. 

I started by making two batches of  marshmallow fondant.  I made an eight inch chocolate cake from scratch and a six inch vanilla Duncan Hines cake.  Originally I wanted this entire cake to be from scratch but at 11pm Saturday night I decided I didn't like my vanilla cake recipe and grabbed the good old Duncan Hines.  I feel a little guilty about that - but not that much.  Duncan Hines is good cake and everyone likes it - so what the heck!  As soon as the cakes were cooled I did a crumb coat of frosting.  Then onto the fondant.

I dusted my counter with powdered sugar and rolled out my white fondant.  I bought dusting pouches at Michael's and I think they are totally worth it.  I used a lot less powdered sugar for dusting than I would have if I didn't have the pouch - a lot less mess too!  I rolled out a HUGE piece of fondant.  I was worried it wouldn't be big enough to cover the cake.

As you can see I had way more than enough!  I think to get better at working with fondant it really is a lot of practice.  Next time I won't roll out quite as much!!  After both tiers of the cake were covered in fondant I needed to put support in the bottom tier to hold up the top tier.  I used colored straws.  They are cheaper than wooden dowels, I think easier to work with, and you can really see them in the cake so no accidental eating.  I put one straw in the cake, measured and cut it and then used it to measure the other straws.  Then stacked the cakes.

Now to decorate!  I wasn't worried that you could see the seam between the two layers because I knew I was going to put a fondant border there.  I used the Wilton Nature Fondant Mold to mold my fondant.  It was a lot easier to use than I thought.  I made sure to dust with powdered sugar before I put my fondant in and then just pulled out the fondant.

I brushed the back of the molded fondant with a little bit of water and then stuck them to the cake.  For a cake topper I decided I wanted a fondant bow.  I found a great tutorial on youtube by the Royal Bakery.  She gave such great instruction.  Of course my computer is in the office - so I started the video watched the first step hit pause, ran to the kitchen did first step, run to office......and so on until I was done.  (Hoping to burn some calories so I can eat more cake!)

I attached the bow to the cake - really by just balancing it on top.  I used wooden spoons to balance it on the top of the cake and pushed it in a little.  It seemed to be ok.  So now I have this completed cake and what do I do with it?  I invited some neighbors over for cake!  Better than eating it myself which is what might happen if it stayed here :).

This was definately a learning experience.  But I really enjoyed it!  It did take a lot of time and next time I know I would be a little smarter on how I scheduled all of the steps.  Maybe get a babysitter for the whole weekend :)  Here are some more pictures - hope you enjoy!

Join me for a  Tea Party!  I shared this cake on Sweetology's blog.  Go check it out - her cupcakes are amazing!


  1. Your cake is so beautiful! I just recently made my first 3 tiered all fondant cake. I found it quite a learning experience and I need more practice with it to feel comfortable. Your fondant looks perfect, you got it really smoothe! I also used 2 of the fondant molds, love them! No shame in Duncan Hines, that is what I used for my bottom tier! I am so glad you found my blog so I could find yours!

  2. Wow! Beautiful! Are the straws strong enough? It is a much better option.

  3. Your tiered cake is lovely and I love the shade of blue that you used for your fondant. Beautiful bow and decorations.

  4. MrsFoxsSweets - Thank you! So glad you like the cake :). I will have to look for your cake - hope it is on the blog!

    Antiquarianation - Thank you! The straws held up great. This was my first tiered cake so based on this one experience I would say yes strong enough!

    Paula - Thank you!

  5. Thank you so much for your comment! This cake is stunning! I can not get my eyes full. I love the wilton molds, I have so much fun with those and they turn out such nice images! I am so glad you linked up!

  6. What a beautiful cake. I have never worked with fondant...I may have to try my hand at this sometime. I must say I LOVE that you were still baking after 11pm....It is nice to know someone else does that occasionally! I really enjoy your blog!

  7. Trish - Thanks. I am so glad I found your blog!

    Kelli - Thank you. I am glad I am not the only one. That is the only time I get peace :)!


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